Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas Design techniques gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to organize their business plans in a central place by putting ideas into key categories that allow them to see a visual snapshot of their plans and connect the areas to see if they make sense, while being versatile enough to make quick changes, build on it, or make important decisions on whether to keep it, or scrap it.

The Business Model Canvas is a fun, visceral way of encouraging content-based businesses to answer these questions head on. More importantly, it sets out that business modeling is an iterative design process that is at heart “creative.” It underscores how business modeling should be integrated into the content-based industry’s creative process every step of the way.

Value Proposition Canvas

The goal of the Value Proposition Canvas is to assist you in designing great Value Propositions that match your customer’s needs to solve their problems. This is what the start-up scene calls product-market fit or problem-solution fit. The Value Proposition Canvas helps you work towards this fit in a more systematic and visual way.


Sparkwise is a cloud-based metrics platform. The service, which is still in beta, takes data from a user’s various social media feeds and transforms that raw data into stories by incorporating video, audio and text.

Sparkwise gives meaning to your data and momentum to your goals. Visualize, compare and curate your data to tell your story and ignite your audience. Data can be a powerful tool for change. Tracking the right metrics in the right context can help us gain a deeper understanding of the communities we serve, so we can make a lasting impact.



Strategyzer is an online application that allows you to electronically visualize your business model canvas, while going deeper by allowing you to be constantly connected and up-to-date with your team, understand if your business model will fail or succeed through a testing process, estimate your financial opportunities, and more…