IDEABOOST is a Toronto-based business accelerator and startup community for companies that are building the next generation of technology-based media and entertainment products, services, and brands. IDEABOOST has supported dozens of companies since 2012 when it was launched by the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab.

IDEABOOST includes its Accelerator, its Network Connect startup community, and an ongoing Alumni program for companies that leave the Accelerator into the marketplace.

IDEABOOST Accelerator is a four-month bootcamp based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our curriculum is customized for six media-focused startups per cohort, and powered by a team of experienced staff, mentors, executives, and investors.
Acceptance into Network Connect is required for all IDEABOOST Accelerator applicants.

IDEABOOST provides up to $35,000 in seed funding to each company in the accelerator, as well as a host of benefits from partners and the Global Accelerator Network (GAN), which IDEABOOST joined in 2015. IDEABOOST funding is provided by a consortium of public and private partners. Funding is provided in the form of convertible notes, with generous terms governing the conversion into equity over a four-year period.

IDEABOOST activities take place primarily in Toronto at the CFC Windfields Estate campus, and at partner facilities.

IDEABOOST Network Connect is our community affiliates program, providing young companies in the media/tech industry with access to mentors and experts, peer collaboration and networking, specialized resources and perks and investor review and eligibility to apply for the Accelerator.
Acceptance into Network Connect is required for all IDEABOOST Accelerator applicants.

Key activities for IDEABOOST Network Connect members include:

  • Monthly training and collaboration events;
  • Networking within the IDEABOOST community;
  • Structured support from within the IDEABOOST mentor and faculty network;
  • Direct services provided by IDEABOOST program and event partners;
  • Full access to extensive benefits provided through IDEABOOST’s membership in the Global Accelerator Network (GAN).

IDEABOOST Network Connect participation is provided to qualifying companies without charge. Unlike the IDEABOOST bootcamp, Network Connect does not provide capital, nor is an equity stake required for participation. Entry into the program is based upon application and review by the IDEABOOST team. Companies are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Network Connect companies may vary the intensity of their participation over time, according to their stage of development and goals set with their advisors.


IDEABOOST companies stay connected as IDEABOOST Alumni, enjoying ongoing connections, publicity, and investor introductions. Alumni return as mentors to advise companies in successive IDEABOOST cohorts. At the conclusion of the accelerator, IDEABOOST may facilitate introductions to investors working with the program for selected IDEABOOST companies, or may facilitate strategic opportunities with leading companies like Corus Entertainment, an IDEABOOST founding partner. IDEABOOST also supports sales and market development for a select group of its companies.

Partner Services

IDEABOOST companies may access a range of services provided without charge by our program partners. Learn more about IDEABOOST Program Partners and benefits.

Event Partners

IDEABOOST and the CFC Media Lab partner throughout the year with industry conferences, events and tradeshows as a means to showcase IDEABOOST companies and products in front of key influencer audiences. Event access to date has included: DX3, Banff World Media Festival, GROW, International Startup Festival Montreal, Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX), Digital Hollywood, Stream Market and SXSW.

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