Companies seeking to participate in the IDEABOOST community and programs should be growth-oriented Canadian startups that are building technology platforms, products and brands for the media and entertainment industry. 

Co-productions and joint ventures between Canadian and non-Canadian companies are also eligible, provided that the Canadian team member is the one who submits the application to IDEABOOST.

Examples of eligible working prototypes or beta versions of product include:

  • Capture Technologies: Visual, sensor driven, touch or multi-gestural systems that capture all manner of data 

  • Audience Engagement Systems: Platforms, data tracking, engagement tracking, analytic tools 

  • Curation Tools: Supporting the collection, discovery and distribution of content 

  • Storytelling Platforms: Transmedia authoring platforms, second screen applications, new storytelling formats, multi-platform applications 

  • Presentation Platforms: Screens and/or systems which output audio-visual and sensory inputs, including stereoscopic 3D devices and full virtual reality helmets 

  • Mobile Applications: Second screen, hybrid content models, community management and curation



Selection for participation in both IDEABOOST Network Connect and Accelerator begins with an online application form. Companies will be selected based upon a range of criteria at the sole discretion of the IDEABOOST jury and executive team.

Among the factors considered are: clear articulation of product vision and problem being solved, size of market, quality and track record of the team, market traction, growth potential.

Acceptance into Network Connect is required for all IDEABOOST Accelerator applicants. 

Questions? Write us at recruitment@ideaboost.ca

Want to know more? Visit www.IDEABOOST.ca 

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