Network Connect

IDEABOOST Network Connect companies are members for up to three years, renewable at the end of each one-year term. Here are the current members:

Tablerock Media

We are a next-generation media company that reflects our own passion for things you love – premium content, shared experiences, and connections with people who enjoy what you rev, crank or tune up and collect.


Nanoleaf, a green technology company, changes the world with lighting solutions that are smarter by design. It infuses artistic and technological innovation to reimagine the role that lighting plays in people’s lives.


Needls is the easiest and most effective way to advertise on social media.


GoodTalk creates a new link between media outlets and their audiences through a compelling video comment engagement tool. 


Introduced in 2013, SubPac produces a wearable sound system that features tactile audio technology. It unlocks the power of sound by optimizing the physical experience of sound.

LENS Immersive

LENS Immersive believes in quality, engaging, immersive storytelling paired with the world's most advanced streaming technology to seamlessly deliver these stories to market.


Founded in 2002, Turbulent builds award-winning digital platforms that engage audiences with an emphasis on content, community, and commerce. 


Blockthrough allows publishers to monetize their adblocking users, making ads undetectable to adblockers, while providing users with a better advertising experience.


JUNIPER is a loyalty and rewards platform that allows YouTube content creators to reward their fans for their engagement and in turn provides those creators with viewer-level analytics.

AWE Company Limited

Founded in 2012 by Srinivas Krishna and led by a team of media executives, software engineers and designers, AWE has rapidly grown to become a leading developer of advanced mobile augmented and virtual reality software.