Network Connect

IDEABOOST Network Connect companies are members for up to three years, renewable at the end of each one-year term. Here are the current members:


Nmerso is a new concept for large format experiential content using Virtual Reality technology and the proprietary user positioning technology, protected by a patent in process.


Croogloo is the film & television production management platform studios, crew, and vendors use to centralize operations throughout the lifecycle of a production.

Ava Animation and Visual Arts

AVA Animation and Visual Arts specializes in award-winning animation for projection mapping. 

Springbay Studio

Springbay Studios makes ecology engaging, tangible, and experiential for children. 

Liisbeth Media

LiisBeth Media is an indie, B Corp certified multi-platform, multi-format media company that informs, connects, convenes the entrepreneurs and innovators that make up todays feminist economy.


DogEar is the first app dedicated to sharing the news with friends. Present social media is cluttered with personal content, filled with dubious news sources, and excessively over- personalized. 

Taproot Publishing

Taproot Publishing Inc., launched in mid-2016 as Taproot Edmonton, is committed to building what comes next in local news. 


HireUp is the first centralized database of video resumes. Job seekers can share their story on their terms and on their time. 

Matrix Inception

Matrix Inception is a mixed reality development studio, specialized in HoloLens, iOS, and WindowsMR. Best known for photo-textured spatial mapping, multi-user social experience, and holographic game development.

Open Screenplay

Open Screenplay is the a free, first-of-its-kind online platform that breaks down story structure, provides helpful and proven storytelling tools and makes it easier for writers to write compelling screenplays with the option of collaborating with storytellers from around the world.