Network Connect

IDEABOOST Network Connect companies are members for up to three years, renewable at the end of each one-year term. Here are the current members:


AccessAR is committed to helping brands and retailers offer a truly frictionless v-commerce experience with fashion's first barrier-free, web-based, mobile augmented reality (AR) application. 

AWE Company Limited

Founded in 2012 by Srinivas Krishna and led by a team of media executives, software engineers and designers, AWE has rapidly grown to become a leading developer of advanced mobile augmented and virtual reality software. 


Founded in 2015, Babylon VR aims to accelerate the adoption of Virtual Reality by making content creation and distribution easier. 


Blockthrough allows publishers to monetize their adblocking users, making ads undetectable to adblockers, while providing users with a better advertising experience.


Operating across the verticals of VR, AR, robotics and drones,BreqLabs uses ultrasound to track objects in 3D space with sub-millimeter accuracy. 


DOKKU is a membership platform where documentary viewers have access to a curated list of documentaries and can reinvest a portion of their membership fees to support new documentary projects.


Filmtyme is working on filmmaking tools to enable real time collaborative moviemaking in virtual reality. 


GamerLink is creating a gaming tool that allows gamers to connect with other gamers for better online multiplayer experiences. 


Globacore is an award-winning creative technology company specializing in mixed and virtual reality, custom-branded game development, large-format multi-touch walls and tables.


GoodTalk creates a new link between media outlets and their audiences through a compelling video comment engagement tool.