BeMused Network

BeMused Network

BeMused Network is a technology company with a focus on the transmission and preservation of humanistic knowledge. As a company, they are unique in that their technology is developed based on in-depth insight into the humanities, engagement with social science research and experience with knowledge media design. While ticketing and event discovery is the first of their product and service offerings, they will expand to be a multi­layered marketplace that covers the vertical supply chain of the performing arts. (i.e. brokering equipment and instrument rentals between members/users, brokering artist and venue bookings, etc.)


BeMused is an online service that allows audiences to connect with local artists. Through a slick web interface and an intelligent recommendation system, users can not only discover performances that are closely related to their interests, but also crowd-request concerts, musicals, comedies, plays, and more. Media content featuring local artists is also featured, as well as information about upcoming live performances.


Twitter: @bemusednetwork


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