Xesto is an early stage machine learning startup based in Toronto looking to change the way developers and creators approach touchless application development. We want to enable a touchless world across industries and be the catalyst for moving away from touchscreens and keyboards into a more fluid, intuitive experience. 

Product Description: Wave

Xesto is creating Wave, a PaaS for developers and creators to quickly train machine learning models to respond to gestures, and inputting these gesture models into applications, such as an interactive dashboard, through an API to have quick and accurate gesture recognition - make your application touchless in minutes. Their approach allows for rapid prototyping, easy customization and increased accuracy in the long term. It will be aggregating the largest machine learning gesture database in the world, and is building an ML training example search tool to give customers an easy and efficient way to access and use this database. Wave will be available for the Leap Motion, and soon, the iPhone for use in AR. Xesto’s gesture platform solution is one of the critical content creation tools for AR and VR developers as the new user interaction moves away from mouth and keyboard into a more immersive paradigm.

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