Vimix enables brands and media companies to integrate high quality, low cost user-generated video content in their marketing stack for higher engagement and authentic marketing.

Challenge and motivate users to create videos related to your campaigns. Then, curate and distribute videos on marketing touch-points and measure the impact on the bottomline via detailed analytics feature.

The platform offers a free account to get started, and a simplified pay-as-you grow monthly pricing model.

Product Description: 

Use Vimix to source video reviews from your customers for authentic engagement, saving time and marketing costs. Here's how it works:

Create video challenges
Create video challenges for generating engaging video content from your creative customers. Offer rewards for great content.

Use videos in marketing
Moderate and publish to your Instagram stories, Facebook or YouTube channel. Embed videos in your product pages.

Analyze impact
Get data from multiple channels in one place, and understand how social video reviews impact your product sales and engagement.

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