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Tribe of Pan is a Toronto based creative studio that produces immersive media content with leading businesses, brands, organizations, and institutions. From the early concept phase, all the way through production and final delivery, we offer the knowledge and experience required to successfully navigate the constantly evolving range of technologies, platforms, languages and outcomes.

Our vision is focused on surpassing “gimmicks” and instead create stories with substance using new narrative tools and technology. We believe it’s important to think holistically and dynamically and not let a story or idea get constrained by the rules and restrictions of the past. Whether for social change, education, journalism, industry or entertainment, immersive media invites audiences to connect with ideas and narratives on a personal, individual level.

Through producing our own in-house content, we have developed a unique Stereoscopic-Volumetric video camera system for capturing people for use in AR & VR applications. Combining the strengths of 3D cinematography and depth cameras, the S3DD system can produce incredibly vibrant and live-like video that expresses a spirit and sense of humanity that even the most sophisticated photogrammetry based solutions cannot capture.

Product Description: 


We see the world with two eyes, so why shouldn't volumetric video also? Subtle differences between both of our eyes tell our brains tremendous amounts of information. Whether it's the reflection in someone's eye, or the shine of their hair, these visual clues are only perceivable with true stereoscopic imagery.

Our proprietary capture system combines stereoscopic video with volumetric data to create flexible, cost effective, life-like feeling volumetric subjects that look incredible viewed through an immersive headset. Our subjects feel much more alive and human than ones captured with even the most sophisticated multi-camera volumetric video stages.


We are focused on what's the most important: the face of the subject. Our system is incredibly lightweight and portable. Requiring no more space than a traditional video shoot.  

The entire capture system can easily fit inside a backpack and be brought to where you need to capture your subjects, instead of you having to bring them to a specialized studio. We've even recorded upwards of 4 hours of uninterrupted volumetric video interview footage in a single session.

S3DD system works through a traditional video timeline, so you can edit, mix audio and color grade just like a regular video.


Whether you are in Unity or Unreal, S3DD system can easily integrate with your AR/VR application, seamlessly inserting real, life-like subjects into your immersive environment.

Combine with 6 degree of freedom environments, or even 3DOF headsets to create stereoscopic scenes that are comfortable from any head position. 

Whether for education, entertainment, art or training, the possibilities of affordable, life-like volumetric video are endless.

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