Storyplex creates engaging experiences using innovative technologies. We work with VR, AR, mobile apps, digital fabrication, and whatever next-generation tech we can get our savvy hands on to make compelling, creative, and extraordinary user experience. Our mission is to push the creative boundaries and explore possibilities in the digital realm.

Storyplex's inception and mandate was quickly accelerated with Quinn, founder Shaun Axani's graduate thesis project, being chosen to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival in 2016, and later being selected as a Future of Storytelling prize finalist in fall 2016. Following its success, Storyplex worked with Wildrence to create a similar experience, Refuge, that was open for nearly a year in an off broadway theater space in New York.

Shaun and a team of diverse makers and creative thinkers continue to explore immersive ways to use technology to tell stories, now experimenting more with virtual reality, having completed post-production and music score for Bayberry, and currently exploring the possibilities of spatial audio.

Product Description: 

Storyplex is in the early stages of creating Sphear:  a product that focuses on audio in 3D space. Virtual reality creates a heightened experience and mimics the 360 degree way we experience everyday life, and the audio, though used sparsely, can be an integral part of that. For our new product, we are combining original content with the use of sensors and smartphones to focus first and foremost on the intimate and magical experiences possible with 360 degree sound. We currently have prototypes to mimic the experience, and are working to create original audio content specifically meant to exist beyond the world of stereo audio.

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