SpherePlay is dedicated to the development of innovative technological solutions that deliver enriched immersive experiences with a maximum of realism, fidelity, and user-friendliness. Research and development combined to a genuine care for our clients have led SpherePlay to create a multi-level world of virtual reality products that cater to everyone’s needs. SpherePlay was the first to launch a VR player and is proud to offer a high-performance product that continues to be free to this day.

Since its founding in Montreal in 2014, SpherePlay has totaled more than 3 million downloads of its applications and has licensed its technological platform worldwide.

Product Description: 

SpherePlay’s VR Platform combines the power of our market-leading VR Player with the enrichment capacities of the Experience Manager and the power of our VR advertising Marketplace.

VR Player: SpherePlay’s customizable VR Player makes it easy for advertisers and publishers to offer high-quality VR experiences on their existing apps and websites.

Experience Manager: The SpherePlay Experience Manager, combined with the VR Player, empowers publishers and advertisers with a comprehensive set of management, customization and analytics tools to deliver highly interactive and personalized VR experiences.

Ad Marketplace: SpherePlay’s VR ad marketplace arms advertisers with the tools to create meaningful and engaging ad experiences. To learn more about our complete solution for advertisers visit our Advertiser Solution section.

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