Shuttershare is looking to change the way we look at production equipment ownership. Shuttershare is a sharing economy platform for high-quality production equipment. Users can make money off their equipment by renting it out and also find rentals from other local creatives. The platform serves everyone from hobbyists right through to professionals with an easy to use rental system that helps save time and money.

Product Description: 

Shuttershare has developed an online marketplace which allows users to post their equipment making it available for rent. The platform includes a number of functions to keep users comfortable and safe including; required identity verification and insurance, a two way rating system, and the ability to create a full profile including social links. 

As a renter the site’s main search page allows users to easily find equipment they are looking for and to request rentals with just one click.

Social Links: 

Facebook: shuttershareinc
Youtube: Shuttershare
Instagram: _shuttershare

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