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Seen Media

Seen Media began almost two years ago, from a desire to enable better and more personalized event discovery and experience. Its guiding principle – what you know shouldn’t be limited by who you know – led to the design of a social news platform, one fundamentally shaped by your interests. Seen currently has three full-time staff members working on the platform, Andrei Sabau, Chansa Kalunga and Alex Li, and several people working part-time, dedicated to seeing this platform become a reality.

Product Description: 

Seen is a social news platform that captures footage of world events. While most social platforms limit our exposure to the activity of our network, Seen allows everyone to access and experience events that matter most to them, no matter where they occur or who attended.

With verification and licensing at the core of its design, Seen facilitates the use of its footage by news organizations large and small. Leveraging the metadata present in all mobile media, Seen allows publishers to find, verify and license content as soon as it’s uploaded, enabling news organizations to provide their readers with more varied footage faster, with more confidence, and at a lower cost.

The ongoing shift towards live events also enables Seen to repurpose its data to provide event organizers and experiential marketers with a deeper understanding of who their fans are and what their event engagement is. Event analytics, then, evolve beyond email surveys. Seen supports event organizers in optimizing their events through better data and analytics.

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