Passen is the world leader in fit technology. At the core of our values is our commitment to help retailers and brands improve shopper satisfaction, increase online sales and contribute to the economic and environmental impact associated with the amount of garments returned due to poor fit.

Relying on a size chart is like taking a shot in the dark and for many, that gamble has lead to building a collection of ill-fitted clothes stuffed in the back of many closets. For businesses, this often results in high returns and decreased customer satisfaction. We’re here to change the game.

Product Description: 

Passen is a digital measurement platform that provides fit recommendations for clothing shoppers in-store and online. We help retailers sell more clothing online, and reduce waste from online returns and we help consumers find great fitting clothing. Consumers get measured at participating locations and can then use their profile to shop with any participating retailer to receive personalized fit recommendations.


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