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Open Screenplay

Open Screenplay is the a free, first-of-its-kind online platform that breaks down story structure, provides helpful and proven storytelling tools and makes it easier for writers to write compelling screenplays with the option of collaborating with storytellers from around the world. Open Screenplay allows you to write individually or write collaboratively and earn writing credit and equity in screenplays. All the while, reviewers can also earn equity by reviewing screenplays and giving direct feedback so you can gain real-world insights.

Every one of us has a unique story to tell. Together, we believe we have the power to craft stories so much more diverse & entertaining than the world Hollywood depicts. We created Open Screenplay to help new voices emerge. We invite you to join our global storyteller community & write screenplays as compelling as the world we live in.

Product Description: 

Through Open Screenplay’s patent pending process, users have the option of starting a private or public screenplay. While we believe we’re better together, we also know writing is personal. If your screenplay is private, you’re in complete control. You can write individually or invite others to collaborate with you. If your screenplay is public, everyone gets to vote, so you have real world insights into how people are responding and engaging with your screenplay. In both private and public screenplay all contributions are anonymous so you can focus on the quality of a contribution and not who submitted it.

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