Mirage VR

Mirage VR

Mirage VR is on a mission to make immersive, social VR experiences more accessible. We believe it is the beginning of a new entertainment era. With VR as the medium, people can experience things and travel to worlds that they could have only dreamed of before. At its core, Mirage VR is about bringing people together, and creating unforgettable memories that extend beyond virtual dimensions.

Product Description: 

We are Canada’s first to offer full-body, free-roam, multiplayer VR experiences. At Mirage VR, instead of playing a game, you are LIVING it! Players come in groups and enter fantasy worlds where they use unique magical powers and teamwork to overcome obstacles.

Compared to existing VR arcades, Mirage VR differentiates itself by its:


Move just as you would in real life: dance, kick, high-five - all without ever clicking a button. Your physical movements are mapped one-to-one to your ingame avatar.


No need to worry about wires or cables, and no more uncomfortable teleportation. Players wear special equipment allowing physical exploration of virtual environments.


All experiences are designed to exploit the unique full-body and free-roam capabilities, maximizing immersion through environmental and real player interactions.

Mirage VR experiences are enabled by a variety of technologies, major components include:

  • Advanced Motion Capture System
  • Custom Backpack PCs
  • Oculus Rifts
  • Leap Motion

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Twitter: @entermirage
Facebook: entermirage 

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