Matrix Inception

Matrix Inception

Matrix Inception is a mixed reality development studio, specialized in HoloLens, iOS, and WindowsMR. Best known for photo-textured spatial mapping, multi-user social experience, and holographic game development. Published apps include: RoomScannerS, Paint Arena, Furnie.

Paint Arena is a multi-user mixed reality app for family and kids. It provides a platform for multiple users to create 3D paintings together and have a casual conversation via voice chat. Since its release in January 2018, it has received 30000+ downloads in Microsoft Store in 12 months. Due to popular demand, we have also implemented paint ball in this app. Our kids love this game!

HoloLens RoomScannerS lets users scan multiple rooms in full colour, upload them, and share with others. Users can host private conferences and invite other users to their own holographic rooms. This app is generating monthly subscription revenue in Microsoft Store. This app was technically challenging and attracted lots of academic interest.

Furnie is a HoloLens-based furniture planner. Imagine you are moving to a new apartment and need to plan your furniture needs. This is the perfect tool to size up your new apartment and play with different furniture layout without too much heavy lifting.

Product Description

MRRox – mixed reality remote office express

Imagine your daily commute takes 10 seconds. 

MRRox is the next generation communication tool for businesses and individuals. Using spatial computing and holographic presence, MRRox helps businesses connect their personnel over any distance, thereby saving travel time and cost while improving teamwork effectiveness.  

Problem Identification: As an increasing number of companies allow employees to work from home or retain remote contractors, productivity often takes a toll when working from home or remotely because: 

a. There is no physical presence. You are missing from the action and cannot observe situations first-hand. You may not feel as motivated due to less social pressure and more distractions at home. 
b. It's difficult to get answers immediately. You waste time writing emails or playing phone tag.

Our Solution: MRRox uses advanced mixed reality technology to bring your presence into the office when you work from home or elsewhere. You can remain connected, talk to your colleagues or supervisors anytime, and collaborate as if you were on site. You will feel like part of the team. You can get your ideas across quickly with body language and social cues, without waiting for emails or call backs and without giving up your privacy at home.

How MRRox works: While working from home, a user sees a life-size hologram representing each team member through a HoloLens or Magic Leap, with real-time animation of user movements and gestures. HoloLens transmits each individual’s speech using spatial sound, making the presence even more convincing. Advanced features include: holographic screen share, remote spatial manipulation, and collaborative 3D drawing and annotations. With cross platform support for iOS, Android, PC and Mac, other users can also join in the conversation via smartphones, tablets and laptops. 


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