Company Description:

La maison de prod is an acclaimed Montreal-based indie feature film production company dedicated to empowering visionary filmmakers and groundbreaking projects, such as Denis Côté's Berlinale Silver Bear Award for Innovation winner Vic+Flo Saw a Bear, and Robin Aubert's TIFF and Canadian Screen Awards winner Les Affamés/The Ravenous, which won Best Film and 7 other Iris Awards in Quebec and has been distributed worldwide by Netflix. In 2018, Associate Partner Charles S. Roy founded sister filmtech studio LMDP Co., which is currently developing AI and Neurotech-driven platforms for the film creative community.

Product Description: 

coEDIT is the first AI Editing Assistant designed to increase professional media editors’ creative skills based on advanced algorithmic analysis of their work. coEDIT values and propels the editor’s artistic contribution at the forefront of the film, TV, advertising and web production workflow within an increasingly competitive and cost-conscious industry.

Press, Awards & Achievements: 

  • https://trends.cmf-fmc.ca/blog/storytek-rethinking-media-intellectual-property-at-the-heart-of-the-estonia

  • https://www.screendaily.com/news/netflix-acquires-french-canadian-horror-les-affames-exclusive/5126152.article

  • http://lamaisondeprod.com/en/


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