Kidpick is a parent approved crowdsourcing platform for kids by kids to discover restaurants and attractions with kids’ reviews. The company was founded in 2016 by media entrepreneur Yuval Levy. Previous clients include Disney, Cartoon Network and other major broadcasters. He has worked in the kids’ entertainment market for a decade. Yuval is successfully managing a YouTube channel 3M monthly viewers with more than 80M views.

Product Description: 

Kidpick platform is for kids, by kids. It is the first platform designed to facilitate kids in their search for something interesting to do. Kids will be able to find kids friendly attractions based on kids reviews. Many adult targeted tools like Google or Yelp are not kid friendly and they do not show the kids POV, just what other adults think. Our platform creates excellent opportunities for restaurants and attractions to connect with their target market. This platform can make a real change in the part kid’s play in the family dialog especial around the subject of choosing who to spend leisure time together. 

We will seek IP viability for our method of connecting attractions to parents from a kids point of view and our kids rating system. Image recognition and Machine Learning will offer our young users the best attraction in town. We are the first kids point of view review platform. We create barriers to entry with our outstanding children’s programming that also promotes our platform. We know what interests’ kids and how to engage them.

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