Infusion Systems

Infusion Systems

Infusion Systems is a leading provider of technology expertise and solutions involving sensors, motion capture, interactive multimedia and virtual reality. This expertise is based on 25 years of research and development of smart and adaptable ways to control and interact with multimedia/VR environments, evolving from the development of physical sensors and interfaces to its current focus on software widgets as control devices in VR. Infusion makes and sells the I-CubeX development toolkit for interactive media which facilitates the design and implementation of interaction with responsive environments and objects. Researchers, designers, artists and musicians worldwide are using Infusion's products and expertise to test and develop innovative interactives and to make shows and presentations ‘magical’ and more spectacular. Infusion's products are also recognized for their versatility in research and teaching about interactive multimedia, human-computer interaction and biomechanics.

Product Description: 

I-CubeX is a universal tool for anyone needing to instrument people, animals, objects and spaces with sensors and wirelessly obtain measurement data for analysis and/or control. With 25 years of experience in real-time sensor data acquisition, I-CubeX is renowned for its ease of use and and robustness, its variety of sensors and its multitude of software user interfaces and plug-ins. It is widely used as a tool for prototyping, experimentation and research. The I-CubeX product line focuses on sensors that capture aspects of human movement or behaviour, such as body weight placement, touch, body and hand distance from an object, etc.. but also includes environmental sensors such as for temperature, air pressure etc. I-CubeX can easily be used for movement analysis, for human-computer interface research and for multimedia installations and theatre productions. 

The I-CubeX sensor products cover movement and motion parameters such as speed / velocity, acceleration, tilt, orientation, touch contact pressure, touch position, impact, vibration, distance, proximity, linear position, rotation, angular velocity, flexion and weight, as well as muscle tension, heartbeat and skin conductance as well as air pressure, humidity, temperature, infrared / micrometer (heat) radiation, magnetism, loudness and illumination. Sensor data is transmitted using the MIDI protocol via Bluetooth, USB cable or MIDI cable. MIDI is a widely implemented protocol for communications between musical equipment which has also found its way into video, graphics and animation software as well as various equipment, such as lights, used in theme parks and live shows. Even though I-CubeX uses the MIDI data format, tools are provided to output to devices that use other protocols such as OSC, enlarging its application scope to gaming, engineering and science.


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