Impossible Things

Impossible Things

Impossible Things is a creative-meets-technology company. It dreams up magical new experiences that blend the digital with the physical to captivate and engage audiences. At Impossible Things, we believe that augmented reality (AR) is a powerful new platform, one that will rapidly and drastically transform the way we create, present and exchange information, ideas and cultural experiences. Working in such a nascent form, Impossible Things not only crafts compelling AR experiences, but also engineers new tools needed to achieve its vision. 

Product Description: 

Impossible Things takes a transformational approach to the application of AR technologies. In 2016, Impossible Things was contracted by the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) to build ReBlink, a new kind of exhibition that digitally “re-mixes” a curated set of existing paintings from their collection and offers visitors a new context for engagement in the work. Extending from this initial project, Impossible Things is developing a complete content management and publishing system that will facilitate the deployment of these kinds of AR experiences and more.


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Twitter: @reblinkart
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A man holds his phone up to a framed painting to take a photo. The woman in the painting is holding up a selfie stick and taking a photo of herself.

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