Holy City VR

Holy City VR

Holy City VR is a revolutionary and innovative virtual reality tourism technology. As international travel becomes challenging or impossible, a need for alternate, safer ways of experiencing different cultures has emerged. Holy City experiences serve as a portal to step into the shoes of people of a different race, faith, and gender, supporting multiculturalism and diversity initiatives worldwide.
Using novel XR technology, we push the limits of possible emerging technologies, including Digital Humans, Smart/AI Driven Interactions of Non-Player Characters, Natural Language Processing, and voice processing engines.



Holy City VR presents a diverse range of opportunities for commercialization, through a number of different revenue streams:

Term Licensing for medium to large institutions of culturally engaging VR installations:
Upfront, flat licensing fee associated with exhibiting at museums and cultural institutions. 

Museum & Cultural Institution Revenue Sharing
A ticket sales rev-share model tailored to museums and cultural centres with expressed interest in exhibiting VR installations under short timeframes, where it doesn’t make sense to pay a flat rate. 

VR Game and and Game Consoles Downloads of gamified VR experiences:
A format release of the full installation experience available for purchase through all distribution formats (Steam, Oculus and VIVEPORT).

Metaverse Assets Licensing and Usage
Custom-developed versions of our technology made for Churches and organizations of faith of all denominations in a crisis in the “new normal” and with limited access to physical venues. We provide support and virtual places of worship while generating new sources of income. These solutions offer complementary NFT based blockchain sale and monetization strategy. 

Educational Licensing 
While schools are challenged with providing virtual solutions to their students, we provide an online platform helping educators to maximize the effectiveness of using VR in the physical and virtual classroom. This modular license based model offers training, lesson plans and more to educators worldwide. 


Nimrod Shanit, is an award-winning director and producer of XR experiences, feature-length fiction, and non-fiction films who started his career as a photojournalist and film director. A veteran executive producer of international co-productions and a pioneer of the first completely integrated virtual reality studio in Israel. 

Sean Thomas Evans is an award-winning producer/director who started his career as an animator and animation director. He brings years of complex VFX and animation production to the VR experiences created at Occupied. Sean has spent the past for three years defining the production methods for Virtual Reality. Sean defines himself by his ability to consistently deliver complex creatives on time and on budget.



  • Lumiere Award for Best Educational XR
  • Byron Bay Film festival 2019 - Best Interactive VR Experience
  • Immersive Perspective Award - Editor’s Choice Award
  • Forbes Magazine - 50 Best XR Experiences 2019
  • Games for Change - Best XR for Change


  • Cannes Film Festival 2019 - Cannes XR
  • Guanajuato International Film Festival 2019
  • Raindance Film Festival 2019
  • Byron Bay film festival 2019
  • FIVARS film festival 2019
  • Dok Neuland XR exhibition 2019
  • Verzio Human Rights film festival - Vektor 2019
  • Virtuality XR awards
  • POFF - Black Nights film festival
  • Stereopsia - Lumiere Awards
  • FIPA - Biarritz 2020


  • Guanajuato Int. Film Festival 2019 - Best Documentary VR Experience
  • Raindance Film Festival 2019 - Best Documentary Experience
  • Virtuality XR Awards


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