HireUp is the first centralized database of video resumes. Job seekers can share their story on their terms and on their time. They have the opportunity to share answers to standard interview questions such as "Tell us about yourself", "What are your key accomplishments", and more. Job seekers are no longer limited to paper resumes. They can receive additional questions from potential employers and answer anytime, anywhere. We are removing the restrictions of time and space from the interview process. HireUp was recently featured on Dragons' Den and in Toronto Life Magazine!

Product Description: 

HireUp is a video screening tool for recruiters and employers. It allows recruiters and employers to create company profiles and job listings that include images, videos and social media links. When they create a job posting, they can instantly search our database to find candidates that fit their search criteria. They can watch short interview clips from candidates to streamline the hiring process, eliminating the hassle of scheduling and conducting phone interviews and first interviews. They can also send custom questions to their top candidates. 

For job seekers, our platform allows them to interview on their time. They can create a profile, and upload short clips to standard interview questions. They can look for, and apply to jobs within their salary band and within a certain distance. They can also receive and respond to custom interview questions from interested companies, on their own time. This provides passive candidates with the flexibility to seek out new opportunities without impacting their day-to-day work schedule. 



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