e.d. films

e.d. films

e→d films is a Montreal-based animation studio that makes award-winning films with a handcrafted feel. Known for using a unique blend of animation techniques and innovative technologies, the studio produces short-form cultural and educational projects in collaboration with public broadcasters, national film boards, not-for-profits and brands around the world. Most recently, e→d films launched an online store to provide other creators with the tools, assets and resources developed during its productions.

Product Description: 

Let e→d films digital tools, assets, and plug-ins give you the practical edge you need to quickly and artistically take your animation projects to the next level. From Photoshop brushes and character rigs to handcrafted animated elements to powerful plug-ins that work between game engines and animation software, everything in the store has been developed for e→d films’ own award-winning animated productions. Make them your own by plugging them into your next film, game or video project. Save time. Make magic.

Press, Awards & Achievements: 

For press refer to: https://edfilms.net/studio/
For awards refer to: https://edfilms.net/faq/what-has-e-d-films-won-for-their-films/
For achievements refer to: https://edfilms.net/faq/how-is-e-d-films-involved-in-the-digital-industry/

Social Links: 

Facebook: ee.dee.Films
Twitter: @edfilmsworld
Instagram: e.d.films
LinkedIn: e-d-films
Youtube: everyonediesfilms


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