Driftscape provides a platform for local organizations,  to share site-specific arts, culture and historical content so that you can see it all in one place.  We have over 20 partner organizations in Toronto including the Toronto Public Library, City of Toronto History Museums, Spacing, NOW Magazine and many more.

Our mission is to manage community content for community-level benefit. We believe that creating a platform where diverse stories can be shared will inspire a greater understanding of the spaces we inhabit and the people we share them with.

Driftscape was built by an experienced team working between Toronto and Waterloo, and was founded in 2017.

Product Description:

Driftscape is a mobile app that provides a platform for local organizations to share site-specific stories. Learn about where you are, on your own schedule, from diverse local experts. Driftscape makes content seamlessly available to the user, at the time and place when it is most relevant. We offer intimate access to a community’s authentic cultural landscape by publishing place-based arts, cultural and historical content. Content can be presented as places of interest, events and tours.

Driftscape provides content from multiple user-selected sources. Users choose which categories and organizations they are interested in, and get access to a range of high-quality content based on their selection, and customized to their location.

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