Documentary has grown in popularity over the years, effecting social, environmental and political change. For the past decade, the internet has played a major role in democratizing the distribution and marketing of documentaries. We believe the time has come to democratize documentary production. So in 2017, we decided to create a network of documentary lovers and changemakers that would fund impactful content and help filmmakers maintain the freedom that they need to create.

Product Description: 

DOKKU is a membership platform where documentary viewers have access to a curated list of documentaries and can reinvest a portion of their membership fees (including the opportunity to make an extra payment) to support new documentary projects.

The platform provides sustainable income to documentary filmmakers as they engage with their fans and receive support for every single project they develop, produce or release.

Our goal is clear: forge new partnerships between documentary lovers and unlock stories that need to be told.


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Twitter: @dokkutv
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