DogEar is the first app dedicated to sharing the news with friends. Present social media is cluttered with personal content, filled with dubious news sources, and excessively over- personalized. We are forced into filter bubbles, and are left disconnected from friends and world events. At DogEar, we believe that social networks have the power to contribute towards meaninfgul relationships, education and charity. DogEar provides a platform for streamlined and trustworthy news sharing between friends.

Product Description: 

Millions of millennials would like a better place to share the news. 

Share More News: DogEar streamlines how we share the news with friends. This platform is dedicated to the news.

Read Trustworthy News: Technology + community + news literacy curriculum create the most effective filter of untrustworthy.

Strengthen Friendships: DogEar brings friends together over meaningful content and offers opportunities to make an impact.


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