Culture Creates

Culture Creates

Culture Creates is a social enterprise that uses semantic computing technology to help the performing arts and culture sector generate its very own sector knowledge graph of what’s happening in the arts in Canada. 

Our core technology Footlight translates event information on websites into machine-readable metadata so the arts can be find-able by people and machines alike. 
Our approach is to work in partnership with the arts. Beyond the benefits of improved find- ability and efficiency, when Canadian arts organizations use Footlight not only do they become the digital authority of their own metadata, together they generate a valuable mass of useable and connected metadata. 

Our innovation is not technology. Our innovation is focused on shifting the existing power of closed exclusive data access presently help by multi-national tech companies to one that is open, accessible to and governed by the arts in Canada. 

We believe there is a better way to use metadata that is both for and beneficial for all stakeholders in the arts. 

Product Description: 

Footlight programmatically collects, structures and connects public event information converting it into machine readable code and linked data. We do this so event information can be ready for any smart activity on any future device. Users are no longer searching for queries on the web but finding answers. Only the linked will survive!

On every virtual assistant EVERY arts event in Canada will be on the tip of its tongue. When people say "Alexa what can I do tonight?" the arts will be ready.

Imagine a unified, informative way for the nation’s art and culture to present itself on the Internet. Imagine enterprise platforms like Expedia, AirBnB, Culture Trip, Ticketmaster, Amazon, Facebook and Google being able to include cultural events within their offers in every city across Canada. Imagine arts organizations being able to offer local cultural events on future enterprise platforms throughout the country reaching millions of Canadians.

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