Croogloo is the film & television production management platform studios, crew, and vendors use to centralize operations throughout the lifecycle of a production. Croogloo connects productions to their assets and resources reducing operational friction while improving the standardization between disparate systems. Automating a fundamentally labor-intensive process, accelerating data transfer, improving accuracy and streamlining a quick and simple path for production operations. Croogloo has been used on +200 Film & TV productions since 2017, working with major studios like Paramount, Warner Bros, and CBS.

Product Description: 

Croogloo provides film & television production studios, production crew, and vendors with a central hub for operations. Connecting databases across the supply chain to unlock paper processes triggering workflows and automations. Croogloo’s technology leverages the platform’s deep wells of production document meta-data, employing intelligent document recognition as well as pattern and trend detection for continuously improved decisions over time. Croogloo can quickly and easily identify any production document from any source and categorize, tag, barcode and enable documents for signature. Eliminating redundant paper processes, streamlining operations, and driving efficiency across the set to generate tax credits.

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