Backyard Media

Backyard Media

We are a video company focused on radical efficiencies in content production. Our organization makes short videos which we publish on social channels. Our digital brand INSH tells stories about history, science, geography, and culture.  INSH’s videos have been watched over 1 billion times. We generate revenue through a) transactional advertising, b) licensing, c) product sales d) native advertising. We are poised to be a category leader in our space.INSH also produces shows on Facebook Watch called: What If, Crazy Creatures,  Your Amazing Body and Top of the World. Together INSH has over 3 million followers on it’s social channels and the videos have been watched over 1 Billion times.  INSH has been called a Buzzfeed for National Geographic. 

Product Description: 

Backyard Media’s main product is the INSH social brand.

In that brand we have a website at, which is our main product. The website is setup with an ad stack designed to maximize revenue from each website visitor. We are running header bidding on our website articles and videos. We have over 500 videos and articles that are featured on the website, and we are adding roughly 40 a month. 

The website also produces a video feed at The feed is licensed around the world to other publishers and media companies.

We have created a produce that is our Video Listicle builder. It allows a video producers to create a Top 10 list video without opening up a video editing tool. The producer can write their script in a template, and upload their video assets, and it will automatically generate a video.
We are working on adding multi-language capabilities to the project.

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