AWE Company Limited

AWE Company Limited

Founded in 2012 by Srinivas Krishna and led by a team of media executives, software engineers and designers, AWE has rapidly grown to become a leading developer of advanced mobile augmented and virtual reality software. As a partner in Google’s new AR device initiative, Project Tango, the company’s applications were highlighted at the 2015 Google I/O.  AWE’s patent-pending innovations stem from its extensive, on-going R&D, both in house and in collaboration with scientists at universities. 


AWE is building a multichannel content platform that delivers interactive, location-based augmented and virtual reality entertainment to mobile users on the go.  Designed for out of home experiences, the app can deliver synchronized, shareable AR VR content to multiple users at the same time, both indoors and outdoors.  Users can see a site transformed through immersive recreations of the past, fantastic projections of alternative worlds and interactive encounters with virtual characters. Proven to create demand and engage audiences, the beta version of the app is delivering one of the world’s largest VR tours at the nine-acre Fort York National Historic Site in downtown Toronto, launching in summer 2016.   



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