Ava Animation and Visual Arts

Ava Animation and Visual Arts

AVA Animation and Visual Arts specializes in award-winning animation for projection mapping. We create, stage and direct large-format projections for live, immersive entertainment experiences around the world.

Product Description: 

AVA Animation & Visual Arts Inc is a team of professionals with award winning expertise, creating, staging and directing exceptional visual solutions for live entertainment and businesses worldwide. 

We specialize in award winning content and projection mapping techniques, using technology and creativity to create powerful emotional connections. 

We deliver effective turnkey multimedia solutions that engage audiences, transforming events into extraordinary visual experiences. We have worked in Canada, Mexico, U.S.A., Lebanon, Armenia, U.A.E, Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Spain and Chile.

Social Media:

Facebook: Ava Animation & Visual Arts
Twitter: @AvaInMotion
Instagram: avainmotion
LinkedIn: Ava Animation & Visual Arts

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