Artcryption was incorporated this past January 3 2019. It is co-founded by intellectual property and art lawyer, Vandana Taxali, and internationally acclaimed artist, Gary Taxali. It has a team of advisors and consultants include those in the art and blockchain space.  

Product Desciption:

Artcryption is a blockchain platform that protects, tracks and stores artwork on the Ehereum blockchain creating trust in the purchase of art. Release limited editions of physical and digital artwork on the blockchain through non-fungible tokens. The AI component will scour the web to find infringing copies of works online.  Advantages of blockchain and non-fungible tokens:

  • Alternative copyright protection
  • Obtain certificates of authenticity for your artwork and stop counterfeits and fakes
  • Release limited editions of art on the blockchain to provide unique assets to each edition as a non-fungible tokens


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Twitter: @artcryption
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