AccessNow is all about sharing accessibility information around the world. Our goal is to map as many places as we possibly can, and we invite you to help us! A worldwide community, passionate about change, together we can empower each other to have access now.

As we pin-point the accessibility status of locations, we can start looking at how to turn all the red pins, not accessible, to green pins, accessible. We want to find ways to create access where there currently is none. If you are someone working to remove barriers…we want to hear from you!

Product Description: 

AccessNow is a free mobile app/web platform that uses crowdsourcing to collect and share accessibility information on an interactive map about places where we live, work, and play. The tool is designed to empower one billion people around the world with disabilities to live independently by providing reliable information on the accessibility status of places. Users can search for specific locations, like restaurants, hotels, and more, or browse to discover new places. If information is not already available, users have the ability to contribute to our global community of activists working to create a world with greater access for all.


Twitter: @AccessNowApp
Facebook: AccessNowApp

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