Synervoz builds audio and voice communications software. The Synervoz voice network connects headphones, car stereos, living rooms and any end point with speakers and a microphone. The software can be licensed for use with streaming music apps, TV, video, fitness apps, enterprise software and elsewhere. The technology will also be used in applications including construction, noisy industrial facilities, nightclubs, and to replace two-way radios in other applications. 

The core technology comprises an always-on, voice-over-IP network in which many people can connect simultaneously, deep audio technologies that recognize specific sounds and voices and context-based controls using NFC, GPS, 3D sound, and more.


Synervoz's flagship app, TurnMeUp, allows anyone to listen to music and talk at the same time using headphones. The music volume adjusts automatically when somebody speaks so that users can have totally spontaneous conversation while listening to their own, or synchronized music. Desktop and mobile apps are available, providing instant voice connectivity to friends and co-workers anywhere. Users can set permissions, per person or per group, to control access to their headphones. Friends can be muted and unmuted at the click of a button or using voice commands. TurnMeUp can be used to connect teams at or between offices, distant friends, at the gym, while running or biking, or anywhere you’d listen to music. TurnMeUp is the social network where people go to listen to music together.


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Twitter: @turnmeupapp & @synervoz
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LinkedIn: Synervoz Communications Inc.

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