Origami XR

Origami XR

Origami XR enables 3D content creators to design and deliver high-end augmented and virtual reality content. We are a cloud-based software solution that allows users to easily create full room-scale immersive experiences using their existing offline renderers. Our pre-rendered volumetric pathway allows for full animation, small amounts of interactivity, and access to a light-field feature-set of visuals. Once content has been processed by Origami XR, it can be delivered to any number of platforms including PC VR, standalone headsets, and even mobile AR, revolutionizing the creation and distribution of immersive content.

Product Description: 

Origami’s pre-rendered path unlocks new levels of visual quality. Pre-rendering allows creatives to take advantage of unlimited levels of detail in geometry and textures as well as advanced lighting models like complex reflections and refractions, subsurface scattering, and cutting edge lighting algorithms. If it can be rendered, it can be transformed into volumetric VR / AR.

Origami’s entrance into the market started with industries that are native to 3D.

Architects: origami instantly improves the ROI for VR in architecture. Now, architects can walk inside their photorealistic 2D visualizations while keeping costs under control.

Storytellers: VR filmmakers have been waiting for a tool that can blend the quality, control and ease of video with the immersive qualities of spatial computing.

Reduce Cost/Time: Origami reduces the time and money it takes to make VR + AR experiences by orders of magnitude per project.

Visual Fidelity: Origami's pre-rendered path allows 3D creators to focus on delivering visually breathtaking, movie-quality experiences.

Deliver Anywhere: Origami can be viewed directly through a web browser without software installation or a native app on all platforms ( AR + VR + mobile ).

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Instagram: origami.xr
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