Mondo Forma

Mondo Forma

We are Mondo Forma. We create outrageous, extraordinary, multi-sensory art worlds. Our aim is to transform unexpected spaces into immersive public art experiences. Our goal - “art that you can be in”.

Product Description:

Mondo Forma's flagship product, The Funhouse, is an immersive art experience that welcomes guests to a multi-level, choose-your-own-adventure art maze. In partnership with Universal Music Canada, Mondo Forma has assembled Canada's brightest minds in visual arts and technology to transform a former Buddhist temple on Queen Street West into an adventure world where guests can interact with and play inside an art-filled funhouse in a uniquely hands-on way. Each installation within the Funhouse is co-created by a local Toronto artist, inspired by a Toronto-based musician, and builds a larger narrative for the overall experience.

Social Media:

Instagram: mondoforma 

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