At Creatubbles, we believe that global interconnectedness does not necessarily mean gravitating to the lowest common denominator. Rather, we leverage technology to create a kinder, more humane and more aesthetic world, one in which a plurality of possibilities can be understood and explored, where nuance is valued. We have brought these core ingredients together to create a safe global community of creators, and now seek support to take Creatubbles to the next level.

Computer interface with two 3D frogs

Product Description: 

Creatubbles is the safe global community for creators of all ages. With users in more than 50 countries, it lets people share their experiences and creations safely, whether at home, school, events or other activities. Creatubbles seeks to connect the dots between natural human creativity, technology and business to inspire and bring out the best in us, including our youngest and most vulnerable. Creatubbles API allows any third-party app, platform, site or solution to save creative output directly to Creatubbles, positioning it as the logical aggregation point for children's authoring tools.

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