Alumni Companies

Big Terminal

Big Terminal is a Big Data-powered news and data analysis platform that delivers key insights based on your chosen interests.

Eigenuity Inc.

Madlipz™ is a mobile app that lets you replace the voice on any video clip with your own. It enables users to create hilarious parodies to send to their friends and share over social media.

Pinch VR

PinchVR Inc. has developed a low-cost, entry-level handheld VR controller. 


Navi Inc. is the world’s first platform-agnostic, context-sensitive smart feed that empowers publishers to engage, retain, and monetize their mobile readers. 


Repable Inc. is an eSports analytics platform that gives organizations real-time insights on the eSports and streaming space. 


Vertical is a Waterloo-based startup developing vision-based intelligence technology for the commercial drone industry. The core product is a combination of sensors and computing that enables a drone to perceive its environment and function autonomously.

SilmCut Media

Toronto-based SlimCut Media creates new premium advertising opportunities for online publishers. SlimCut Media gives easy access to advertising demand through in-article video ad units and engages consumers with reader reward programs, and combines these features into a single platform.


MBLOK's platform allows individuals and companies to safely distribute their data by directly transmitting files between users. 


TuneStars is a tech startup focused on the intersection between social media, music, and mobile devices. It builds products that engage music fans, artists, and the music industry in a whole new way.

Albedo Informatics

Albedo Informatics is a Toronto-based locative and augmented reality application developer with a focus on creating experiences that enrich users’ lives.